Control & Monitoring System on Highway A1 Zagreb - Split

Description: The system is dedicated to control and monitor of highway electrical network, tunnel lighting, ventilation and water supply. The total length of the highway route is 450 km, with 19 road tunnels (total length 23.260 m), 21 substations and a total of 6 manned control centers on the of the highway route.

Solutions: Sophisticated redundant SCADA systems are employed at control centers. Some of the tunnels are controlled from 2 control centers, each of them being capable of full scope of control and monitoring functions. Communication network is based on industrial Ethernet using fiber optics and multiple (redundant) transmission paths. Distributed architecture with PLC-based remote stations in tunnels and substations is a robust and highly reliable solution, which enables certain level of basic safety functions to remain operational even in case of total loss of communication between tunnel and control center.

Scope: Control and monitoring system design, software development, equipment supply and installation, system integration, testing and commissioning, training of customer's personnel, maintenance.