Control & Monitoring System - Tunnel Sveti Rok

Description: Automation system of 5.670 meters, double-tube highway tunnel. The system encompasses distributed PLC-based remote stations, redundant communication network and two fully functional control centers with highly reliable SCADA computer systems at each side of the tunnel. The system enables control and monitoring of:

  • 8 substations
  • 14 uninterruptable power systems
  • 60 control cubicles with MCCs for 120 fans
  • 57 control cubicles for tunnel lighing
  • water supply system consisting of 3 pumping stations, 5 reservoirs and tunnel hydrant system.

The system is integrated with the fire alarm system, traffic management system and CCTV with incident detection equipment.

Solutions: The tunnel control system consists of tens of PLC devices linked by redundant Ethernet network. Distributed PLC application software enables (but is not limited to):

  • Measurement, monitoring and control of MV and LV equipment in the substations.
  • Manual and automatic lighting control in normal and accidental mode of operation.
  • Manual and automatic ventilation control with optimized tunnel ventilation algorithm for regular and accidental situations (fire in tunnel, stopped vehicle etc.) triggered by operator, fire alarm or incident detection system.

Redundant SCADA system at main and stand-by control centers processes 17.000 points and enable real-time control of the tunnel equipment.

Scope: Control and monitoring system design, software development, equipment supply and installation, system integration, testing and commissioning, training of customer's personnel, maintenance.