We have developed and implemented SMART HOME, a hardware and software solution for residential building management with the following features:

  • SMART HOME enables the management of all technical systems in the house: access control, lighting, blinds and shutters, heating and air conditioning, opening/closing of windows and doors, integration with swimming pool technique, alarm system and CCTV.
  • Electrical, multi-media and telecommunication systems are interconnected using KNX standard, TCP/IP or Wi-Fi, providing a flexible solution and a true and smoothless integration for devices from different manufacturers.
  • The intuitive graphic user interface with self-explanatory icons is easy-to-use and consistent across different control interfaces (computer screen, tablet, mobile phone).
  • A number of useful functions are implemented; time-schedulers and scenes are designed to be easily configured and modified by the customer not requiring any special technical skill.

SMART HOME is a flexible and scalable solution and easy to upgrade. However, whether it is an entry-level or a full-blown series of controls, it is designed to enable the customer to utilize all its smart features in an easy and safe way.

Familly House in Krk