Communication network for JANAF crude oil pipeline system

Description: Redundant Ethernet communications network for the crude oil pipeline with data transfer rate of (2 +1) x1000 Mbit/s + 100 Mbit/s. The network consists of three "sections" of the total length of over 500 km:

1. section: 24 active nodes, the length of 180 km,
2. section: 10 active nodes, the length of 95 km,
3. section: 14 active nodes, the length of 240 km.

The purpose of the communication network is to support the corporate internet as well as pipeline control and monitoring including leak detection system.

Solutions: Taking into account the network capacity demands from the business users as well as control and monitoring system requirements, we have designed and implemented communication infrastructure that includes:

  • Reliable and robust communication network based on equipment manufactured for severe environmental conditions, supporting high level of redundancy and fast recovery time (typically 300 ms).
  • Centralized monitoring of all active network components.
  • Facilities for the equipment accommodation along the pipeline route.
  • Power supply and air conditioning of facilities in demanding environmental conditions.

Scope: System design, equipment specification, supply and installation, equipment testing and commissioning, training of customer's personnel, maintenance.